The Living Miracles Peer Empowerment Center

Respecting Others and Accepting Responsibility

Meet the Staff of Living Miracles!

Jennifer Kruse, Executive Director Bill Hebble, Program Coordinator
Marc Mannheimer, Peer Support Specialist
Darlene Baker, Peer Support Specialist Nathan Kelly, Peer Support Specialist Betty Gradiski, Peer Support Specialist

Christina Podolski, as Peer Support Specialist

Our Members

Forever In Our Hearts
Sam Bowman, a long time member who recently passed away.
The Living Miracles celebrate Thanksgiving at Golden Corral!
Alvin, Pat and Juan dying Easter eggs Members of the CALM Group enjoy a day at Rocky River Park
Alvin and Jordan A well costumed Mark gets ready to bust the pinata at our past Halloween Party
Juan and Sam enjoying a hayride Living Miracles enjoying a day at Lakewood Park!

Meet our Canine Support Staff!

Jose Daisy
Jordan Lola

All of our canine support dogs are CGC—Certified Good Citizens by the American Kennel Club. We are a dog friendly environment. Our members state they love having the canine support as it provides a therapeutic atmosphere for them.