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Lee Ann Gramuglia has been a member of Living Miracles for three years and has been an outstanding member due to her contributions in several areas.

Miss Gramuglia spent two and a half years through TLM as a peer mentor at North Coast Behavioral Health, where she helped patients understand their mental wellness better and help them on the path to recovery.

Also, Lee Ann is a board member on the Board of Directors for The Living Miracles and has been serving in that capacity for quite some time now.

In addition, Miss Gramuglia is a volunteer at Living Miracles, logging several hours to help around the office.

One of the more educated members of Living Miracles, Lee Ann is an RN. She also volunteers at a thrift shop.

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Lee Ann's Interview


Stephanie Pettis brings a lot of reason and experience to the Living Miracles center.

Coming first as a regular member, Stephanie eventually became a staff member and could be found leading the groups on Fridays.

One of the things that drew Stephanie to Living Miracles was the fact that there are lots of meetings, more than a half dozen per week, and meeting often and regularly appealed to Stephanie.

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Stephanie's Interview


Richard Folbert is a long-time member of Living Miracles. In fact Richard was one of the pioneers of the grass roots movement in establishing LM as an empowerment center.

Before coming to Living Miracles, Richard described his life as hopeless and helpless, but after years of coming to the center, Richard has learned about hope in all its forms and then some.

He now sees hope all around him and the many people who pass through the doors of Living Miracles.

Richard was part of the group that was with Living Miracles at Bridgeway that helped get the W. 117th structure to become a reality.

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Richard's Interview


Michelle Janik is one of the longest running members of Living Miracles.

Because the origins of LM are found at the Bridgeway center in Michelle's neighborhood, she was able to spot the organization readily and quickly become a part of it.

What Michelle likes best about coming to Living Miracles are the many great parties and functions that take place, but she also does not want to discount the value the groups bring to her as well.

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Michelle''s Interview


Cynthia Juillerat adds drama to Living Miracles.

One who participates in carnivals, stage shows and choirs when she is not attending the LM center, Cynthia injects energy into the group discussions.

Participating in groups is one of Cynthia's favorite things to do at Living Miracles as the high energy level she brings into them will attest.

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Cynthia's Interview


Randy Moss is the Living Miracles member who keeps things upbeat - socially, spiritually and temperamentally.

A former landscaping artist and engineer, Randy first came to Living Miracles as a regular member and then segued into becoming a staff member.

Randy likes watching other members conjoin the elements of hope and spiritual growth as it unfolds during their development at the center.

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Randy's Interview


Sandy Ward's smiling face brightens up Living Miracles on days she is either visiting or on duty.

A current staff member, Sandy came in as a regular member three years ago and has been to Living Miracles on a regular basis since then.

A former worker in the legal profession, Sandy likes taking classes to learn about new things. Her favorite part of Living Miracles is the Christmas parties. Living Miracles has taught Sandy to become more assertive.

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Sandy's Interview


Lynn came to Living Miracles regularly but stopped coming here three years ago, and it was only until recently that she began coming on a regular basis again.

One to see the big picture, Lynn states that her participation at Living Miracles along with its peer support in conjunction with the other agencies she is involved with have helped her recover the most.

A major thing that Lynn likes doing at Living Miracles is playing the games such as bingo, charades and Pictionary.

This time around, Lynn has learned to become more assertive, in short, "knowing when it is a good time to jump in and say something."

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Lynn's Interview


A coffee shop led Marc Manheimer to Living Miracles and those could have been the best cups of coffee he ever had.

Marc's path to Living Miracles began when he was chatting with an acquaintance at a local coffee shop in an adjacent city. He had heard enough about Living Miracles that he decided to give it a try at one of the dual recovery group meetings. From there he was hooked.

With enough experience in treatment, Marc eventually became a staff member and has helped several regular group members with his many insights.

Marc attended the University of Michigan and has family all over, including in Florida.

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Sam's Interview


Don MacKay is a regular member of Living Miracles who makes it to the LM center at least four out of the five days each week.

He was prepped at Deerfield Academy, a New England prep school that was founded by Massachusetts Governor Samuel Adams in the late 1700s. He also attended Earlham College in Richmond Virginia and graduate from the University of Maryland.

Donís favorite memory of Living Miracles is that of visiting the Amish in central Ohio because of their basic existence.

He encourages others to join Living Miracles because of how those who are members are taken on a case by case base and that they must understand the rules when joining.

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Don's interview